Solutions Consultant

Solutions Consultant

The calm and experience your company requires in times of crisis and large scope decisions.

What we do

You know your business. We know how businesses are ideally structured.

If you were looking at a piece of rope that you were going to use to hoist something heavy, you would inspect it to make sure it was in good working condition. If it was frayed, then likely it would break. That's why we inspect the rope to avoid a catastrophic outcome.

Wouldn't it be great to have a similar inspection for our corporate projects? Wouldn't it be great if we had the ability to look for "frayed" portions of project or team before acquiring a new company or embarked on a multi-million dollar outlay of Capital?

This is what we do: Inspect the knot and find ways to either replace the rope or splice it in a secure way. Financing, Evaluations, Government interactions, corporate structures, approvals, labour, special expertise...we have the network.

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Cross Industry Experience

There is detailed experts in each industry. We are specialist in the various corporate aspects that cross over between industries.
The best way to structure your corporation for your next steps, how to expand, how to acquire, how to build, how to sort bureaucracy, how to get approvals, SOW's, RFP's, how to finance... and more.

Owners Representative

In this role, we act in your steed until the majority solution is negotiated (or sorted). Saves you valuable time during the initial more administrative, accounting and contract roles. Consulting with you as often as you need to feel comfortable, we get results.

Mergers and Aquisitions

Received an offer to sell? Or want to purchase a new division? We specialize in large scoped acquisitions and mergers. Labour challenges, system process integrations, share purchase negotiations, evaluations, tax mitigations, corporate structures, anti-trust... and more. Let us untangle the mystery and get you maximum utility.

Construction Assistance

Acquisition of the land, DP / BP process, construction management and end user occupancy. We are intimately familiar with the entire process and can push your project through in the most efficient timeline possible. Let's talk BEFORE you start your project.

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